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Correcting faulty addresses in ChannelDock

It may happen that a customer does not enter their address correctly during checkout. ChannelDock checks and flags suspicious addresses, holding those orders separately.

To find those orders, navigate to Orders -> Open orders and click on 'Check address' filter box.

Change address.gif

By opening the order(s) under the 'Check address' filter, you will see the address data we received from your sales channel on the right. You can use this to check whether the shipping address (on the left) of the order is correct. Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 13.09.27.png

If the shipping address is incorrect, you can correct it by clicking 'Edit order'.Edit order.gif

Once corrected, click 'Confirm Address' to finalize. The order is then ready for processing.Screen Recording 2023-11-15 at 13.58.46.gif

Why are the address fields empty in ChannelDock?

In webshops, the street name and house number are entered in the same field. However, to create a shipping label with a carrier, the street name and house number must be separated from each other. ChannelDock uses the Google Maps API to get this done. If the address is not known in Google Maps, the Google Maps API returns empty fields. Foreign addresses may not always be able to be split for this reason. You can test this yourself by putting the address of an order into Google Maps.