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Connecting JTL FFN Merchant

Connecting a JTL FFN Merchant account is easy but requires some steps that have to be executed in the right sequence. This guide will describe the process.

Before we begin:
This guide assumes you have already connected your JTL Fulfiller account to ChannelDock as described in this guide:

Onboarding a new merchant

Before you can start connecting a JTL FFN Merchant account to ChannelDock, the merchant must have created a ChannelDock seller account for him / herself. A merchant can create their own free ChannelDock account by using your personal sign-up link that you can find in your ChannelDock Fulfillment account via 'CRM > All sellers'. 

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 18.05.07.png

Once your merchant has created his / her own ChannelDock account we can start the process of creating a JTL FFN Merchant account for the seller. To keep things easy for your merchant, this JTL FFN Merchant account will be managed by you as a fulfillment center. This means your merchant does not need access to the JTL FFN account we are about to create in the following steps.

Creating a JTL FFN Merchant account:

  1. Create a JTL merchant account by clicking on the following link:

    You can create this account with the email address of the merchant.


  2. Once you have created the account, sign in with the JTL fulfillment network using your new account:
  3. Select that you want to join as Merchant:


  4. Now go back to ChannelDock and go to 'Settings > Integrations' and click on the URL from your JTL integration:

    Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 18.14.16.png

  5. This will redirect you back to your JTL Merchant account and ask you to accept the invitation to connect your JTL Merchant account to your JTL Fulfiller account.


  6. Once you completed step 5, you can now click on the following link to create a token that we will need to connect your  JTL Merchant account to your ChannelDock Fulfillment account:

    VERY IMPORTANT: leave the dropdown select empty!

  7. Once you clicked on the link of step 6, you will see a pop-up open in the JTL Merchant account. It is very important that you leave the dropdown select empty. In the second field below the dropdown, you can input 'ChannelDock'.


  8. Click on 'Anlagen' to create the token. 
  9. Copy the newly created token by clicking on the button:


  10. Now go back to ChannelDock and visit the 'CRM > All sellers' page and click on the seller that you have just created the JTL Merchant account for. 

    Remember: as mentioned at the start of this guide, a merchant must have created their 'ChannelDock Seller' account before you can continue with this step.

    Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 18.09.05.png

  11. Click on the pen icon:

    Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 18.10.00.png

  12. In the pop-up that appears you can paste the token that you copied in step 9 of this guide.
  13. If everything went successful, you will see the 'Connected!' badgeScreenshot 2024-05-28 at 18.21.43.png

Congratulations! You have connected a JTL FFN Merchant account to ChannelDock. Please take note of the following things:

  • ChannelDock will now send all the products of the merchant that are available in your ChannelDock Fulfillment account to the FFN.
  • You still have to assign a warehouse to the Merchant on the FFN network. You can do this in JTL Wavi.
  • You still have to assign shipping methods to the Merchant on the FFN network. You can do this in JTL Wavi.
  • Inbound shipments from the seller are also automatically send to the FFN (if you assigned a warehouse to the merchant). You can then accept these Inbounds to increase your stock level in JTL Wavi.
  • If there is stock level available, orders present in your ChannelDock Fulfillment center account are automatically synced to JTL Wavi