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What is the Batches Functionality?

The Batches functionality in ChannelDocks is designed to streamline your order fulfillment process by allowing you to pick and pack items in batches. This feature is a game-changer for your warehouse operations, helping you save time, increase efficiency, and improve overall accuracy.

How to Set Up Batch rules:

Setting up Batch rules in ChannelDocks is a straight forward process, very similar to setting up shipping rules. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Navigate to Settings > Batch Rules and click on 'New batch template' Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 15.05.31.png

2. Proceed to assign a name to the batch, adjust the maximum number of orders, and input any necessary requirements. You can add extra requirements for the batch.Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 15.09.04.png

3. Remember to activate your batch rule and synchronize your batches.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 15.16.16.png

How to use batches to pick and pack your orders:

1. Navigate to Orders > Batches and select 'Start packing'. This message will pop up. Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 16.18.13.png

2. Confirm your selection, and you'll be directed to the picking page. The green items have been picked and the item in red needs to be picked. Here you will get information on which basket/container to put your items in. Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 12.34.57.png

3. After completing the item picking within the batch, either you or another designated employee can initiate the packing process. The confirmation message will appear again.Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 15.54.32.png

4. Confirm and you'll be guided to the packing page. Here, proceed to pack your items and generate labels as usual. Once you finalize this batch, you will get a completion message.Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 16.13.19.png

Wishing you a seamless experience with batch picking and packing!