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Barcode scanner

Setting up barcode scanners correctly is crucial to ensure smooth operations. This article will guide you through configuring your barcode scanner to match the specific requirements of the ChannelDock platform, focusing on speed and input handling.

Enable Keyboard Emulation Mode

Ensure your barcode scanner is configured to function in keyboard emulation mode. This mode enables the scanner to input data as if it were a keyboard, which is essential for compatibility with ChannelDock.

Configure Suffix and Modifiers

1. Set the Suffix
Adjust your scanner to automatically append an "Enter" key after each scan. This action facilitates immediate data processing by submitting the barcode data as soon as it is scanned.

2. Disable Unnecessary Modifiers
ChannelDock’s system specifically handles and ignores modifier keys like Ctrl, Meta, and Alt during barcode scanning to prevent input errors. Ensure these settings are disabled in your scanner's configuration to avoid sending these modifiers.

Adjust the Scanning Speed

ChannelDock processes barcodes quickly and is configured to handle inputs with minimal delay. Set your scanner's delay to less than 100 milliseconds to match the system's responsiveness. This ensures that the system captures and processes barcode data efficiently without missing scans.

For most scanners: Look for settings related to "inter-scan delay" or "scan speed" and adjust accordingly. The goal is to minimize the delay to ensure quick data transmission.

Testing and Calibration

1. Conduct a Test Scan
Perform a test by scanning a barcode into a text editor to verify the output format and speed. Ensure that no unintended characters are appended (other than the "Enter" key), and that the scan completes quickly.

2. Test with ChannelDock
Log into ChannelDock and navigate to an input field that requires barcode data. Scan a barcode to see how the system handles the input. The data should appear instantly, and the system should process it as expected without manual intervention.


1. Incorrect Characters or Delays
If the barcode outputs incorrect characters or experiences delays:

  • Double-check your scanner’s configuration settings.
  • Ensure no software is interfering with the scanner’s output.
  • Adjust the speed settings if the delay persists.

2. Scanner Not Recognizing Inputs
If the scanner does not trigger any input on ChannelDock, ensure it is properly connected as a keyboard input device and that no settings are diverting its function.


Properly setting up your barcode scanner ensures that it aligns with the technical specifications of the ChannelDock platform, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your scanner integrates seamlessly with ChannelDock, supporting optimal performance in your e-commerce or fulfillment center operations.