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Connecting ChannelDock to JTL FFN

Below, we will show you how to link your ChannelDock account to the JTL Fulfillment Network:

Before you connect ChannelDock to JTL FFN:

1. Log in to your JTL merchant account to generate an API key. Click on the link bellow to generate the key. 

  • It is important that you leave the first field empty.
  • Add a description - ChannelDock, then click 'Invest'.

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 16.45.47.png

2. Copy the token and send it to us. 

Send us a request to join the JTL Fulfillment Network:

1. Navigate to Connections-> Fulfillment-> Network. Network.gif

2. Now select JTL FFN to send us a fulfillment request. Request (1).gif

3. We will do the rest to connect your account!