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Add products to your fulfillment center

Upon creating your account and going through the onboarding steps, you will encounter the task of adding products to your fulfillment center.

It is important to note that each time a new product is added to your sales channels, it must also be added to your fulfillment center. Bundle products, as well as their child products, must be added to the fulfillment center. 

Follow these steps to add products to your fulfillment center:

1. Navigate to Inventory > Fulfillment products then click on 'Add products to fulfillment center'.1-2.gif

2. Select the products that you wish to add by selecting these products or paste the EAN into the search bar. Once you have identified the desired product, proceed by clicking on 'Add Selected Products.' If you wish to incorporate all available products simultaneously, you also have the choice to 'Select all' products and then click to add them. 1-3.gif

Your products are now added to your fulfillment center!