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Can I use ChannelDock if my Fulfillment Center doesn't?

Can I Use ChannelDock If My Fulfillment Center Doesn't?
Absolutely! ChannelDock is designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow, even if your fulfillment center isn't directly using our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Here’s how you can keep your operations running smoothly with ChannelDock:

Step 1: Set Up Your ChannelDock Account

If you have not already, sign up and get your ChannelDock account ready. This will be your command center for managing your inventory.

Step 2: Sync Your Current Inventory

  • Request an excel sheet of the current stock amount from your fulfillment center.
  • Upload this stock onto your ChannelDock account. This ensures that your ChannelDock inventory mirrors what's available at your fulfillment center.

Step 3: Keep Your Inventory Synced

Each time you replenish your stock at the fulfillment center, don't forget to reflect these changes in ChannelDock. Simply create a delivery in ChannelDock every time you send stock to your fulfillment center. This keeps your inventory levels accurate and up to date.

By following these steps, you can enjoy the full range of ChannelDock features without any interruptions, ensuring a smooth operation for your e-commerce business.