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Connecting Wuunder

Before connecting Wuunder to ChannelDock:

 If you don't have an API key it's essential to contact Wuunder to request one. You can contact them here.

Now, to connect Wuunder to ChannelDock:

 1. Navigate to Connections -> Shipping Carriers and click on the Wuunder icon.Untitled.gif

 2. Pick an optional name (e.g: Wuunder) and key in or paste your API key.Screen Recording 2023-09-29 at 10.33.33.gif

Success! Your shipping carrier is now connected!

Delete Wuunder from ChannelDock:

To delete Wuunder from your ChannelDock account, navigate to Connections -> Shipping Carriers, click on the Wuunder icon and then 'Delete'.Delete (1).gif