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Connecting DHL to ChannelDock

To use your own DHL contract, it is necessary to link your DHL account to your ChannelDock account. Find out how in this article.

  1. Log in to DHL
  2. Go to settings > API keys > New API key. If the 'API keys' tab is not visible, you should contact your DHL account manager so that he/she can activate it for your account.
  3. Enter 'ChannelDock' as the description and press 'Generate API key.
  4. Now go to your ChannelDock account settings and check that your account address and country have been entered correctly. If not, update it before proceeding with pairing.
  5. "Go to the 'Connections > Carriers' page to link DHL within ChannelDock. Enter the DHL UserId and DHL key here and click on 'Connect carrier'."
  6. DHL is now linked and the shipping methods have been added to your account. In the table at the bottom of the page you can enter the prices of your contract so that ChannelDock can calculate the right price. Good luck with your shipping.