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Connecting Bol.

English (EN) API's

Before you connect Bol. to ChannelDock: Log in to's seller portal. In the top right corner, click on your seller name and then 'Settings'. Click on 'API settings'. If this is the first time you are creating API keys for your account,...

Book a ChannelDock consulting call

English (EN) Subscription

If you'd like help from a ChannelDock expert to improve your inventory / order management, you can book a ChannelDock consulting call. The call will have a maximum duration of 1 hour and is invoiced separately from your subscription. The cost will be €75,- pay...

How to change the status of an order in ChannelDock

English (EN) Order management

Changing the status of an order can be useful if the order no longer needs to be shipped and you want to get it out of the 'Open orders' view without creating a shipping label for it. 1. Navigate to orders and click on 'Open orders'. 2. Select the order you ...

Using product tags

English (EN) Inventory management

ChannelDock supports product tags to help you manage your products. 1. To create a product tag, go to 'Inventory > All products' and click on 'New tag'. 2. Type in your tag name and click 'Insert tag'.  3. After you've created your first tag, you can add it...

Automate inventory through product bundles

English (EN) Inventory management

ChannelDock offers the ability to bundle products. This can be useful if, for example, you sell products in sets and want to keep your inventory levels correct. Below we discuss a few different scenarios for using bundle products within ChannelDock. Selling...

Synchronizing your inventory with ChannelDock

English (EN) Inventory management

Synchronize your inventory seamlessly across diverse sales channels by connecting them through ChannelDock. Learn more about how to establish these connections here.  Once connected, your products will be automatically load within minutes.  Navigate to 'Inve...

Prestashop API errors

English (EN) API's

Option 1 : Prestashop services aren't enabled Sometimes those settings aren't set to properly so prestashop won't authorize a 3rd party to connect to their servers. Go to your Prestashop into "advanced settings" -> "Webservice" and make sure both options are...

Import & export product data

English (EN) Inventory management

Streamline your inventory management by making bulk edits to stock levels, sales channels, and other product-related information. Whether you need a comprehensive product overview or wish to update specific details, this functionality caters to your needs. Her...

Process non-EU Amazon orders via ChannelDock

English (EN) API's

Creating shipping labels for non-European Amazon orders is done in a slightly different way than with your other sales channels. Those Amazon orders automatically appear in ChannelDock via the link. However, the NAW (name, address and residential details) of t...

ChannelDock support

English (EN) General

At ChannelDock, we aim to provide the right support for everyone. However, as ChannelDock consists of a small team, there are some conditions attached to this support. We have established these conditions to manage expectations and deliver the most efficient s...

Accelerated Pick and Pack function

English (EN) Order management

The function allows you to use the Pick & Pack page without touching the keyboard or mouse, streamlining program navigation, operation and automatic label creation.  How to activate the accelerated pick and pack order: Navigate to the 'Orders' menu and sel...

Manage inbound/outbound deliveries

English (EN) Inventory management

ChannelDock allows you to manage your inbound and outbound deliveries. This article explains how to create, manage and add/subtract these deliveries to your inventory. Manage suppliers Before you start creating deliveries it is important that you add one or ...

Personalise labels

English (EN) Order management

To personalise the content printed on your labels, follow these steps: Go to Orders -> Open Orders. On the right-hand side of the page, click the blue square. In the options that appear, select 'Turn On' for the desired content you want to have printed on...

Connecting CDiscount

English (EN) API's

Connecting your CDiscount account with ChannelDock is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Follow these steps: Navigate to the 'Sales Channels' page and click on 'Add sales channel' located in the top left corner. In...

Connecting Shopware 6

English (EN) API's

Connecting your Sopware 6 account with ChannelDock is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes.  Before connecting Shopware 6 to ChannelDock: You must first set up your own API integration. You can do this by navigating to Settin...

Connecting PrintNode

English (EN) API's

Connecting your PrintNode account with ChannelDock is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes.  Before you connect PrintNode:   1. You need to log in to your PrintNode account and generate an API key.    2. Type in your API key...

Connecting Wix

English (EN) API's

Before connecting Wix to ChannelDock:  Make sure the barcode of each product/product variant is the same as the SKU/EAN of your other sales channels. This is how ChannelDock connects products from different sales channels. Make sure the SKU value of each p...

Connecting JTL

English (EN) API's

Connecting your JTL fulfiller account to ChannelDock is really easy. This guide will describe the process. Sign in to your JTL fulfiller account and go to the following page:- Click on the "Kinder zu...

Connecting JTL FFN Merchant

English (EN) API's

Connecting a JTL FFN Merchant account is easy but requires some steps that have to be executed in the right sequence. This guide will describe the process. Before we begin:This guide assumes you have already connected your JTL Fulfiller account to ChannelDock...

Connecting BigCommerce

English (EN) API's

Before connecting BigCommerce to ChannelDock: Make sure the barcode of each product / product variant is the same as the SKU / EAN of your other sales channels. This is how ChannelDock connects products from different sales channels. Make sure the SKU valu...