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Synchronizing your inventory with ChannelDock

To synchronize your inventory between different sales channels you need to connect them with ChannelDock. Through this link we have several help articles available on linking your sales channels.

After linking, your products are automatically loaded within minutes. Via 'Inventory > All products' you can now find an overview of all your products. If you are missing products, it may well be that the EAN / Barcode has not been entered for that product on the relevant sales channel. ChannelDock needs this value to determine which products from which sales channels match. So the EAN code is how ChannelDock matches your products from different sales channels. Look at the API log of the relevant sales channel to find out the reason why the product was not imported.

Now when you click on a product from the product overview, you can see on which sales channels the product is found. By default when a product is imported, inventory synchronization is off. You can activate it in two different ways. The first way is to turn on the stock synchronization switch of the corresponding channel as shown in the image below:

voorraadsynchronisatie webshop marketplace

If you have many products in your assortment, you don't want to activate each switch separately. On the 'All products' page, press 'Sync stock' and then 'Activate stock sync for all products' to activate stock sync for all your products at once. See the image below:

bulk voorraadsynchronisatie webshop e-commerce

Now that you've successfully turned on inventory synchronization for your products, it's important to know that if you want to update your inventory, from now on you always do it from ChannelDock. ChannelDock then syncs your new stock levels to your sales channels.

Approximately every 15 minutes, new orders are retrieved from your sales channels. When a new order is loaded, ChannelDock immediately updates the stock levels on your other sales channels.