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Synchronizing your inventory with ChannelDock

Synchronize your inventory seamlessly across diverse sales channels by connecting them through ChannelDock. Learn more about how to establish these connections here. 

Once connected, your products will be automatically loadedload within minutes. 

Navigate to 'Inventory > All products' to access a comprehensive overview of your products. If certain products are missing, it's possible that the EAN/Barcode hasn't been entered for those products on the respective sales channels. The EAN code is crucial for ChannelDock to match products accurately across channels. For deeper insights into non-imported products, refer to the API log of the relevant sales channel.

Clicking on a product within the overview reveals the sales channels where the product is available. Initially, when a product is imported, inventory synchronization is deactivated.

You can activate it in two different ways:

1. Individual stock sync:

  • Navigate to 'Inventory > All products' and select the desired product. Toggle synchronization on/off for your sales channels.voorraadsynchronisatie webshop marketplace

2. All products sync:

  • Navigate to 'Inventory > All products' then click on 'Syncronize' button. Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 17.17.00.png


  • Proceed to 'Activate stock sync for all products'. Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 17.20.27.png

Now that you've successfully turned on inventory synchronization for your products, it's important to know that if you want to update your inventory, from now on you always do it from ChannelDock. ChannelDock then syncs your new stock levels to your sales channels.

Approximately every 15 minutes, new orders are retrieved from your sales channels. When a new order is loaded, ChannelDock immediately updates the stock levels on your other sales channels.