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Bol fictional stock

ChannelDock introduces a strategic feature designed to minimize direct competition on and obscure sales data from third-party trackers.

How It Works:

  • By setting your max. stock amount to, for example, 120, ChannelDock will report to that your inventory is 120, even if it exceeds this number. When a sale occurs, you might expect it to drop to 119, but ChannelDock keeps it at 120. This way, sales trackers miss registering a sale, so it won't count as a sale in the sales tracker software, thereby distorting the recorded amount of sales.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Stock Less Than Maximum: If your actual inventory is below your set maximum, ChannelDock will accurately synchronize and report actual inventory to so you don't sell items that you don't have in stock.

  2. Stock Exceeds Maximum: Should your inventory surpass the set maximum (e.g., more than 120 items), ChannelDock will display 120 as the visible stock on until it drops below 120. Only then will your actual stock levels be synchronized.

  3. Sales and Stock Updates: The reported stock level remains unchanged until an order is placed on If a product hasn't sold in recent weeks, the adjusted 'fictional' stock level remains until a new order triggers an update.

This functionality is designed to safeguard your competitive positioning by preventing sales data from influencing market dynamics or being accurately tracked by third-party applications.